Private Investors, The Time to be part of the Energy Revolution is Now

Zero Carbon Charge is a start-up that is going places. Which places? All nine provinces of South Africa. And then, pretty much the whole of Africa, because its goal is the Electrification of Mobility in Africa. Which means the democratization and localization of energy generation across the continent.

A week is a long time in the EV revolution


A year ago, when I started blogging about EVs and charging stations information was hard to come by and people were ignorant about the possibilities. Now I am flooded daily with mainstream news on new developments in the EV and charging worlds

Everything Keeps Going. Right? Toyota?

Toyota has been around longer than one tends to think. 86 years. Its origin is in the loom and weaving business. Sakichi Toyoda sold the production rights to the world’s first automatic loom for 100 000 pounds in 1929 (approx. R171 million in 2023), He gave the proceeds to his son Kichiro to start building cars….

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