OPINION | JOUBERT ROUX: ‘We ignore the coming Electric Vehicle revolution at our peril’

Similarly, the growth of Electric Vehicles (EVs) is still being met with scepticism by some world leaders, despite many countries already switching to EVs at impressive rates. For example, in Norway, 80% of passenger vehicle sales in 2022 were EVs, while in China, the biggest car market in the world,  EV sales made up 22%…

OPINION | Larissa Venter: Concerted effort needed to make ‘green growth’ a reality

To enable green growth in the EV space, what is needed is a 100% renewable energy, off-grid, solution. Fortunately, SA already has the technology and the know-how to achieve this: our company, Zero Carbon Charge, last week began construction on the first of a national network of 120 off-grid, sustainable charging stations, with charging infrastructure powered by photovoltaic solar panels.

OPINION | ANDRIES MALHERBE: Time to move past our electric vehicle exceptionalism

Andries Malherbe co-founder of Zero Carbon Charge

Watching Siya Kolisi’s Springboks lift the Rugby World Cup for the fourth time after three one-point victories against the best of the best was a wonderful, era-defining moment. The positive effect it has had on our nation is palpable. Isn’t it amazing how often our country defies the odds, proving even our harshest critics wrong?…

Private Investors, The Time to be part of the Energy Revolution is Now

Zero Carbon Charge is a start-up that is going places. Which places? All nine provinces of South Africa. And then, pretty much the whole of Africa, because its goal is the Electrification of Mobility in Africa. Which means the democratization and localization of energy generation across the continent.

Planes, trains, and automobiles: What are they doing to our planet?

It’s common knowledge that the transportation industry is a major contributor to climate change and that in order to reach the net zero by 2050 goal, the industry needs a near-total overhaul. This piece takes a look at just how bad the industry is and what needs to happen if it is to reach that pivotal goal.

A week is a long time in the EV revolution


A year ago, when I started blogging about EVs and charging stations information was hard to come by and people were ignorant about the possibilities. Now I am flooded daily with mainstream news on new developments in the EV and charging worlds

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