Off-grid electrification of mobility in Africa




Ultra-fast charging is crucial for EV charging along highways,
as it allows for quick and convenient recharging during long-distance travel.

ultra fast charging versus slow electric vehicle charging


Manufacturers ceasing production of ICE vehicles in Europe

The global motor manufacturing industry is irreversibly pivoting to the production of electric vehicles (EVs) and systematically phasing out conventional internal combustion (ICE) cars. The SA motor industry is part of a giant integrated global supply chain and imports the vast majority of vehicles from Europe, Korea, China and Japan. As the global chain pivots to EVs, South Africa’s market will shift to EVs along with the markets of its major suppliers.





Environmental assessments / applications in progress in all 9 provinces in South Africa. 

Let’s fill the gaps on the map!

We offer an exciting opportunity to current / prospective farm stall owners and land owners to partner with us. 


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