Opportunity to partner with us

Land owners and prospective farm stall owners

Zero Carbon Charge padstal / farm stall and charging station for electric vehicles

Do you own land next to a busy road? With a safe exit or turn off?

  • profitable opportunity
  • recurring income
  • no risk
  • increased property value

Don’t miss out on the electric vehicle and renewable energy revolution.


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    Padstal laaistasie Zero Carbon Charge. Renewab le energy
    land available next to highway

    “As a farmer, I love nature and we try to operate our business sustainably.  For this reason we are excited to be involved in an EV charging station.  We need to move towards sustainable practices and utilising renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power.”

    FARMER, near Upington

    ZERO CARBON CHARGE sites in development

    Play your part in a clean energy future – preventing climate change