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Botanical / Terrestrial Biodiversity Specialists

The following are the requirements for the appointment of botanical / terrestrial biodiversity specialists to the panel of specialists to be considered for Zero Carbon Charge projects.


This is not a full time position but will rather be on the basis of Project-Based Contract Agreements with a selection of service providers in 2023 and 2024 in various regions of South Africa.



The minimum of an MSc degree in Botany, Zoology, Conservation Biology or any related tertiary qualification. Experience (5 years) in the field of environmental impact assessments would be a strong recommendation.


An Honours degree with 10 years of practical experience in botanical and / or terrestrial biodiversity disciplines. Experience (5 years) in the field of environmental impact assessments would be a strong recommendation.

ASSESSMENTS. The appointed candidate would need to be able to complete botanical / terrestrial biodiversity assessments and compile the necessary reports following the gazetted protocols for specialists in the above disciplines as per the applicable environmental legislation.

SUMMER OR WINTER RAINFALL BIOMES. Given that South Africa has two main rainfall zones, the appointed specialist must either be familiar with the vegetation (habitat) types in the summer rainfall biomes (Grassland, Savannah, Thicket and Nama Karoo), OR in the winter rainfall biomes (Fynbos, Succulent Karoo and parts of the Nama Karoo).

COMPUTER SKILLS: Fully conversant with MS WORD (for report-writing). Other computing skills such as use of QGIS, Google Earth ™ and computer databases would be a strong recommendation.

SOFT SKILLS: The appointed candidate should be a ‘team player’ with good socially interactive capabilities for communication with other team members and for public participation. However, the appointed candidate should be self-motivated and should be able to work independently where required.

The appointed candidate would be required to provide ad hoc advice on mitigation measures that would be required to limit negative impacts of any given project.

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    • Employment Type: Contract/full time
    • Location: Remote, South Africa.
    • Experience: Surveying experience will be beneficial, but not essential.

We are seeking a Civil Engineering Technician to join our team.

Surveying experience will be beneficial, but not essential. The successful candidate will need the ability to work independently while traveling to various sites throughout South Africa.

We are rolling out a national network of EV charging stations next to highways – powered by onsite renewable energy.

If you thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, enjoy working collaboratively with a team of professionals and have exemplary time-management and delivery skills, apply today.

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