A Leapfrog Opportunity? Africa’s EV Moment

Africa is entering its EV moment! Across the continent, green initiatives, innovative start-ups, and government incentives are helping to get Africa’s EV industry off the ground. There has been much progress and the opportunities abound. Check out this article on the blog to find out more about what’s to come!

ANDRIES MALHERBE: Time to move past our electric vehicle exceptionalism

Andries Malherbe co-founder of Zero Carbon Charge

Watching Siya Kolisi’s Springboks lift the Rugby World Cup for the fourth time after three one-point victories against the best of the best was a wonderful, era-defining moment. The positive effect it has had on our nation is palpable. Isn’t it amazing how often our country defies the odds, proving even our harshest critics wrong?…

We are breaking ground on our first charging station!

Zero Carbon Charge is thrilled to announce that construction is set to begin on our very first charging station. This is not only a huge moment for us but a major step forward for South Africa’s EV revolution and green transition. In this article, Josie Roux gives some insight into where this milestone is taking place and why it is so significant.

Private Investors, The Time to be part of the Energy Revolution is Now

Zero Carbon Charge is a start-up that is going places. Which places? All nine provinces of South Africa. And then, pretty much the whole of Africa, because its goal is the Electrification of Mobility in Africa. Which means the democratization and localization of energy generation across the continent.

A major step forward in decarbonising South Africa’s transport sector

Taxis have been in the news a lot over the past few months and not in a good way. The taxi strike in Cape Town brought the city to its knees with millions of rands lost and tragic loss of life.

But there has actually also been some good taxi-related news, as unlikely as that may sound. Researchers at Stellenbosch University and their industry partner Rham Equipment (a mining equipment manufacturer) have managed to successfully convert a petrol-powered minibus taxi into an electric taxi.

7 September: International Day of Clean Air

Clean air illustration

That gross layer of yellow smog that you sometimes see lying over the city is destroying your health and the health of the planet. On 7 September we observe the International Day of Clean Air, a day to remember how much we need our blue skies and to focus on how we can get them back.

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