7 September: International Day of Clean Air

Clean air illustration

That gross layer of yellow smog that you sometimes see lying over the city is destroying your health and the health of the planet. On 7 September we observe the International Day of Clean Air, a day to remember how much we need our blue skies and to focus on how we can get them back.

Electric commuter buses – it seems obvious if you think about it, doesn’t it?

As it turned out, the tests went smoothly. The buses proved that they could handle the rigors of a daily GABS scheduled run in Cape Town, taking the mountainous terrain (yes also the notorious Hospital Bend) in its stride.

A week is a long time in the EV revolution


A year ago, when I started blogging about EVs and charging stations information was hard to come by and people were ignorant about the possibilities. Now I am flooded daily with mainstream news on new developments in the EV and charging worlds

Youth Day 2023 – honouring the youth who are speaking up

We’ve come a long way since the wooden wheel. Our youth leaders are changing the world with innovation and courage. We respect the voices and perspectives of the youth who are expressing their opinions and concerns about climate change. We value their contributions and acknowledging their courage.

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