Private Investors, The Time to be part of the Energy Revolution is Now

“Don’t make me say: I Told You So

What would you do if you could go back in time? Many people say they would go and kill Hitler when he was a child. I have no such altruistic flaws. I’d go back and make a killing, yes, by buying shares in Apple. And Tesla, Vodacom, and Uber.

What would you do if I told you that you could get in on the ground floor of a billion-rand venture? That’s right – one BIL-LI-ON with a capital B. [Add your own echoing Dr Evil voice.]

Zero Carbon Charge is a start-up that is going places. Which places? All nine provinces of South Africa. And then, pretty much the whole of Africa, because its goal is the Electrification of Mobility in Africa. Which means the democratization and localization of energy generation across the continent. And that means, that from now on the person in the street will no longer be beholden to large corporations for his or her energy needs. 

It is a response to the fact that Europe, China, and the USA are investing heavily in a transition to Electric vehicles, to achieve climate change mitigation targets. (Nett Zero emissions by 2050). South Africa and Africa are going to have to go along with the flow, whether we want to or not. Tesla and BYD – a Chinese EV manufacturer – are worth more than the ten biggest car manufacturers put together. That’s a sign of the faith investors are putting into the EV revolution.

This is not a blog. It is a call to action. A call to get out of your carbon-emitting routine and seriously consider the issues. Climate change is a reality. Electric vehicles are a reality. The new energy order is a reality.

The man in the street was excluded from the green energy revolution. He missed the opportunity to invest in Independent Power Producers first. Zero Carbon Charge is offering a second bite at the cherry. Are you going to be part of it? You can if you have a million rand to invest. Or is Future You going to wish you could time-travel back to 2023?

Nobody likes hearing: I told you so. But in 2030, 2040, and 2050, you will be wringing your hands, thinking back to this blog, thinking “Darn! He told me so!”

Zero Carbon Charge is localizing and democratizing energy by inviting prospective private investors to meet with the founders at a series of informal private investors’ events. Would you have taken the opportunity to discuss investing with the directors of Vodacom in the early 90s? Mmm, that’s what I thought. What’s holding you back, now? If it’s because you’re building a time machine to go back in time and track down an innocent Austrian boy, I can’t help you. If it is due to a lack of information, then follow this link:

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed it, tell someone to attend the investment event with you it. If you didn’t, tell me why you didn’t enjoy it. [email protected]

Tim is a greying redhead who thinks green. He is the author of books on welding, soccer and Herman Charles Bosman

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