A week is a long time in the EV revolution

The green wheels are rolling

Harold Wilson – former English prime minister said “In politics, a week is a long time.” I wonder what he would have made of a week in the EV revolution.

A year ago, when I started blogging about EVs and charging stations information was hard to come by and people were ignorant about the possibilities. Now I am flooded daily with mainstream news on new developments in the EV and charging worlds – in April 2023 Car Magazine devoted a whole issue to EVs. At dinner parties and braais, EVs are vehemently discussed. Since I started blogging, I kept repeating this message to sceptics: IT IS HAPPENING, The EV revolution will happen and Zero Carbon Charge will play a pioneering role in it. The mainstream media’s acknowledgement of it is proof that it is happening, and here are two more snippets that will turn petrol-heads.

Firstly, Jaguar Land Rover has announced that it is retiring the name, Land Rover. That icon is no more! Who would have bet on that? Also, JLR announced that soon, all Jaguars would be EVs. Said CEO Adrian Mardell

“…it is the place for us to be.”

I always dreamed of owning a gas-guzzling Jaguar e-type. I am saddened by this news, but I am not surprised.

Secondly, in Britain, the Jeep Avenger was chosen as the best small car of 2023. Guess what? It’s an EV. Guess what else, by 2030 Jeep will produce only EVs for the UK and European markets. Put that in your vape and smoke it.

Jeep EV
Jeep EV

Since starting this blog many people have insisted that they love the roar and smell of internal combustion engines and that they won’t swap it for anything. Be that as it may, but unfortunately the choice won’t be up to them, new ICE cars simply won’t be an option 10 years from now.

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Tim is a greying redhead who thinks green. He is the author of books on welding, soccer and Herman Charles Bosman

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