It’s Happening!

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Earlier this month John Berks, the original shock-jock passed away. On his breakfast show on 702 he affected a ‘Boykie from the South’-persona, saying things such as: “Hey! You betta catch a wake-up” or, “We’re rough and we’re tough and we smoke that stuff”. We loved Boykie, and we’ll miss Berks.

Lately, at braai fires, I have encountered a lot of scepticism when I talk about the advent of EVs and the gradual swing away from ICE vehicles. Now I know how Noah felt, labouring away at an Ark and having to listen to know-it-alls and wise-crackers.

This is what I tell my disbelieving friends who maintain that ICE vehicles are here to stay.

“In the 80s you thought LPs were here to stay. In the 90s you thought cell phones were a fad. In the 2000s you said we’d never host the Fifa World Cup. Hey! You betta catch a wake-up! It’s happening. EVs are a thing, you can’t wish it away”.

You can lead a petrolhead to Google, but you can’t make him take it out of the sand. This is not about if, or, perhaps, or one day. It’s happening.

Since December I have moved from knowing there are Teslas out there, (somewhere), to immersing myself in all things EV and quickly realizing it is an iceberg whose mere tip is showing. It is an iceberg on a collision course with ICE vehicles.

You don’t need me to convince you about EVs versus ICE vehicles

It’s the 21st century. Go scratching around on the internet. You’ll see that those traditional ICE forums such as Car Magazine feature EV content in every edition.

Websites aimed at soccer moms are weighing in on the pros and cons of EVs.

Check out Ciro’s EV reviews on

Two old-timers griped to me the other day that they want to buy a BMW i3, but there is a two-year waiting list!

Why is it that they need no convincing? Is it because they are old and want an EV before their time runs out? Is it that they have grey dollars and can afford EVs that are still in the high price range?

Or, are they wise enough to do the research and understand that the sun is beginning to set on the internal combustion engine?

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