Electric commuter buses – it seems obvious if you think about it, doesn’t it?

As it turned out, the tests went smoothly. The buses proved that they could handle the rigors of a daily GABS scheduled run in Cape Town, taking the mountainous terrain (yes also the notorious Hospital Bend) in its stride.

Electric cars and charging stations

EV charging in South Africa

Electric cars and charging stations – the one cannot live without the other. Although it is totally possible to charge your electric car at home and the office and even at the mall, for electric cars to be adopted as the main means of transport in the future, we need charging stations to increase in…

Traveling Europe and checking out Electric Vehicle charging

driving a Tesla

Electric vehicles need to be charged. This goes without saying. Most people wonder about this inadvertently when they hear about the move towards electric vehicles. I have been lucky to travel around Europe to see how this is transforming the landscape. There are three types of charging that I observe linked to three types of chargers….

Response to article on electric cars

reducing CO2

Disclaimer: I own an electric car but also a diesel and a petrol vehicle. I use the electric vehicle much more, because it is so much cheaper to run. Currently I mostly charge at home using Eskom power. Carbon dioxide argument Pollution is an undeniable problem. China has been regulating movement of cars due to…

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