BUSINESSDAY | OPINION: JOUBERT ROUX: ‘SA’s EV transition needs off-grid solution’

JOUBERT ROUX: SA’s EV transition needs off-grid solution

Solar-powered electric vehicle charging can make green mobility a reality in SA.

The global electric vehicle (EV) revolution is on us. In Norway, 90% of passenger vehicle sales in 2023 were EVs, while in China — the biggest car market in the world — EV sales accounted for 42% of all new cars sold. 

While SA is lagging far behind these countries (the latest figures put EV sales here at a mere 1.45%), it is good news that the government is starting to respond to this seismic shift in the automotive industry. The release of the EV white paper at the end of 2023, combined with finance minister Enoch Godongwana’s budget speech announcement on financial incentives to encourage EV production consumption, is a huge leap forward.

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