A Solar Power Revolution in Africa?

Solar use in Africa

As solar power becomes increasingly accessible, the only resistance will come from the entrenched powers who stand to benefit from fossil fuel power. In contrast to the titans of industry from America and Europe, private firms in Africa are exploiting the instability of national power grids to further push the adoption of solar panels and…

A Green Solution

A Green Solution

Reality is often unrealistic. Sometimes events unfold that, if they appeared in a film or TV production, would be mocked by audiences as contrite or heavy-handed. Fiction has to make sense, whereas reality can do whatever it wants and you don’t get a say in the matter. So I find it far from unexpected that one…

Health Benefits of Electric Vehicles

I doubt it needs to be said that the large use of fossil fuels in vehicles is a major cause of climate change or that electric vehicles will greatly help to ease the impact. But it might need to be said that electric vehicles have some other benefits that will have a more short-term impact….

Keeping Up with Progress

History became quite a wild ride about 300 years ago. In a scant handful of centuries, we went from a couple million mostly illiterate subjects who spent the majority of their lives working out in the fields to appease their divinely appointed feudal overlords to a couple billion perfectly (somewhat) literate citizens who spend the…

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